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Attached executive position card

Generally considered to be the right arm of the person in charge, the Executive Assistant is a professional who ensures the proper functioning and daily monitoring of the management of the day-to-day activities of an entity. It contributes directly to the achievement of the objectives of his superior. To better understand this pivotal profession, we will develop in this article the tasks related to the position and the profile required to qualify.

  1. The different missions of a management attaché

The attached management missions are as follows:

  • The coordination of the administrative procedures: it is a question of organizing the files requested by his person in charge and to carry out work of classification and archiving. During meetings, he takes note-taking and writes a report for transmission to managers and other employees;
  • Administrative operations planning: it also has the role of planning business meetings with external collaborators and stakeholders of the entity (Board of Directors, Executive Committee). It must make the necessary arrangements for the holding of these meetings and monitor the application of the resulting decisions;
  • Management and evaluation of the activities: it is a question here of making sure that the teams trained for the different projects are working properly, and of verifying that the expenses made do not exceed the budgeted sums.
  1. Skills required to qualify for the position of Executive Assistant

To access the position, certain skills are required:

  • Have a perfect command of the office tools necessary for the establishment of administrative documents.
  • Know the various secretarial and note-taking techniques, such as the standards for writing and making telephone appointments, reception procedures and filing methods.
  • Mastery of the basic elements of labor law: that is to say, to know about the labor legislation and the rights and obligations of the parties to the employment contract.
  • Mastering the basic elements of management: to manage one or more departments attached to the general management, it must be able to use the statistical, audit, control and internal communication tools.
  1. Qualitative characteristics

The attached executive position sheet suggests, in addition to practical skills that one must possess the following personal qualities:

  • The direction of the organisation
  • A good physical presentation
  • A great relational ease
  • The meaning of diplomacy
  • An excellent written and oral expression
  1. Training and potential evolution

Several trainings can lead to the profession attached position sheet . For this, it is necessary to have at least the level of the terminal class. It is then possible to pass a bachelor's degree in management and administration or management and management technology sciences (STMG). Some universities offer the BTS assistant management PME / PMI and BTS assistant manager.

With a diploma of executive assistant, it is possible to specialize in the legal, medical, human resources, accounting, SME management or PMI.


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